H&P has provided (and continues to provide) an incredible service to me and my family. Breath of fresh air to have all our health and nutrition needs taken out of our hands with so seamlessly. Jess [H&P yoga consultant] was fantastic with us in St Barts. Thank you guys, you are truly a revelation.
— AJJ, Entrepreneur, London
Working with these guys is another level. Top-tier pros. I didn’t know service like this existed.
— John Greenland, Partner, Jamieson Corporate Finance, New York & London
Serious minded, results focused, expertise into the stratosphere. Thanks guys!
— JM, Partner, Goldman Sachs, London (on secondment from New York)
I’ve never met any trainers as knowledgeable - Charlie is pure class (right down to his annoying instinct to know when I’m slacking - apart from that he’s charm personified…)
— KD, International Fashion Model, London
After only two or three sessions with Ashley, my chronic neck and shoulder pain that I’ve endured for years have disappeared! Working his magic through a mix of deep tissue massage, pressure point triggers and acupuncture I feel brand new. Brilliant - what a find.
— Katherine Skellan, Exhibition Designer and Swimmer, London
I was referred to Ashley for treatment after injuries suffered from Muay Thai fighting. Ashley is extremely knowledgeable both in how injuries occur and how to effectively treat the cause of the problem. I have been in sports for the last 19 years and I can honestly say Ashley provides a service which is of the highest quality!
— Leon Jason, Professional Muay Thai Fighter, London
You somehow make this [getting fit] as easy and pleasurable as driving a Rolls Royce down an empty autobahn.
— AD, Hedge Fund Manager, London & Dubai