H&P develops and delivers complete custom personal training, health, food and lifestyle packages for each client. Each package is tailored around the client's schedule, goals, locations and travel. We work with leading exercise scientists, dietitians, doctors, psychologists and trainers and conduct in-depth analysis on every client (including hormone tests, DNA screening, x-ray body scanning, computerised postural analysis).  This ensures our services are the most precise, efficient and effective in the industry.

Services for each client are completely customised, from the Fortune 100 CEO looking to enhance mental performance at work, the fashion model looking to for a particular body look for a shoot on a specific date, the entrepreneur wanting to get a karate black-belt in 1 year through to those who simply want to look like cover models or a particular actor/actress. We will put together a complete fitness, nutrition, physio and health package to make this happen for you with maximum convenience and minimal interruption to your life.