Private Client Services Fees

Indicative monthly fees for a selection of some of the Private Client Services we offer. As our services are completely bespoke, fees vary month to month and client to client. Call us on +44 (0) 20 7243 3398 for a free quote or click here for further details.


Family Services

Hagan & Pappin provides ongoing health, fitness and nutrition services to VIPs and families around the world. Our array of services range from health optimisation & consulting to private chef training and gym design. Call us in confidence on +44 (0) 20 7243 3398 and we will advise how we may assist you.



Bespoke Training & Nutrition PAckages

Our training projects are completely bespoke. Clients range from Fortune 500 CEOs looking to maintain fitness through to international fashion models needing a specific body shape for a shoot. At the other end of the spectrum we have clients that simply have a couple of private yoga or personal training sessions per week.

We do straightforward (for us) projects such as losing a specific amount of weight by a particular date (e.g. a wedding, filming) or getting a "cover model body". We also do technical work (as diverse as preparing a client to take up clay pigeon shooting to physical preparation for an Everest expedition).

Our experts evaluate what is required then provide it. Our world-class team are industry leading specialists who have worked with olympic athletes, A-list actors, international fashion models, corporate clients and the military. It includes personal trainers, nutritionists, chefs, yoga/pilates teachers, massage therapists, psychologists, physiology sciences, physiotherapists, private gym design to martial arts or sports instructors. We supply, prepare and equip clients' homes, yachts, workplaces around the world for the training.

Pricing depends completely on time, type, frequency of services.

Packages therefore vary from £500 to £10,000+ per month.

Contact us on +44 20 7243 3398 for a free consultation and estimate.

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Exercise consultation

Do you do classes (spin, yoga, pilates, HIIT, barre, Intensity, Core etc.) but not sure if you're doing the right ones for your body?

Are you looking to get into classes or fitness but not sure where to start?

We'll come to your home, conduct a detailed analysis on your body type and goals and and tell you exactly what classes you should do and what effect you can expect.

Consultations start from £499


Executive Food Service

Ultra high-end food delivery. Our top Michelin trained chefs prepare restaurant quality meals customised exactly to you and your body. We liaise with your EA to get them directly to you throughout the day, wherever you are. Taking clients to Le Gavroche and 5 Hertford Street tonight and want to enjoy? No problem. Just snap us photos of what you eat and drink, we'll run the numbers overnight and adjust your meals tomorrow.

Custom packages start at £2,900

London & Dubai only.

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VIP self defence

Hagan & Pappin provide education and training in self defence and personal protection to VIPs and families. These are delivered by top experts from the military & police and include special programmes for children and over 50's. As well as effective training in self-defence we cover situational awareness, personal safety, scenario reaction etc. Training delivered mostly at client's home at times that suit them. Occasional scenario training sessions take place at select facilities in the United Kingdom or Middle East.

Family Personal Protection Seminars from £1,000 per seminar

12-week VIP Self Defence Programme from £9,000 per person


Body Analytics

BodyAnalytics by Hagan & Pappin is among the most advanced body analysis programmes in the world. Designed in collaboration with leading scientists it tells us and clients as much about their body as current science & technology will allow. Included with our Platinum and Standard programmes. This enables us to precisely engineer our programmes so clients spend spend minimal time training. BodyAnalysis includes DNA/genetic analysis, full hormone profiling, HRV computerised stress-levels, x-ray body composition, full medical,  posture & gait analysis, food intolerance testing plus other tests.

BodyAnalytics Basic package from £2,000

BodyAnalytics Premium package from £5,800